In honor of the coming holidays.


, originally uploaded by Teknicolor Dahlia.

I took this last year when my friends randomly took me to Disneyland while we were in LA for two Dir en grey concerts (best friends ever, seriously I love them). It was the first time I ever saw the holiday decorations at Disneyland and I fell in love. I didn’t have my tripod with me, but I just had to try.

It looks better the smaller it gets, haha.

With the imminent release of Tron: Legacy (which I am going crazy for) California Adventure has been transformed into the Grid, and I’ve been wanting to get down there to see it since it started.

Well I finally have the money. So my boyfriend and I are getting a couple park hopper passes for the day and taking a trip down to Anaheim.
And then it hit me all the holiday decorations are up.

I am so freaking excited.

Can you tell I love Disneyland yet?

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