Long Overdue Update – Return to the Grid

Dragging my ass~

The boyfriend and I went to Disneyland for a couple days with some friends since they were having a Spring special sale on 2-day park hopper passes. It was the perfect excuse to get back down there for ElecTRONica and take a much-needed vacation.

He kind of surprised me when he was actually considering season passes… we did a lot of talking and on our second day we were getting our pictures taken for our passes! So expect lots of Disney pictures, we may even be upgrading later if ElecTRONica is going for the rest of the year~

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to update with some of the pictures I took but things just kept getting in the way, and I just kept putting it off. After looking through the pictures to upload I decided to spread out the update so I could post all of my favorite pictures without overloading a single post.

So to start off, here are some of the shots from ElecTRONica. I didn’t take nearly as many this time because we actually danced, played games, had a drink (ok only I did, and only because I wanted the cool blinking cup), and just relaxed listening to the music after two long days of endless walking.

I did have a bit of a nerd overload when I saw this though.

Disney ElecTRONica

I had to be dragged away from it, Michael was getting bored while I was nerding over every little detail.
The actual lighting wasn’t as blue, but I liked the effect.

Oddly enough the same DJ that played when we went in December was playing on this night too. The set was much different but we still enjoyed the music.

Disney ElecTRONica

I love this center lighting display. It has a very industrial club vibe, the light at the top reminds me of the portal from Tron.

Disney ElecTRONica

Disney ElecTRONica

Bonus pictures: My vacation swag.

I loooooooooooooooove this thing! I can’t believe I got ahold of one! I had no idea they even made Kevin Flynn’s white disc until I saw someone at ElecTRONica walk by with one. We popped into the toy store by the entrance and asked if they had any, the guy walked into the back noting that they’re pretty rare and they might not have one. A minute later he emerged with the last white Identity Disc in Disneyland/California Adventure. Even the girl who rang me up said people have gone nuts looking for this!

Next time we go back I’m going to get Rinzler’s and eventually Sam’s to complete the set, but this is definitely the highlight of my random toy collection!

More Disneyland pictures later, and you can visit my Flickr page or read about our first visit to ElecTRONica for more images from the epic Tron party.

Shameless Plug! If you could, please take a moment to vote for Michael and I in this little Disney contest. I’d greatly appreciate it!

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