Pink Spider Memorial Photoshoot

May 2nd is the anniversary of a tragic memory in music history. In 1998 Japanese guitar legend hide (Hideto Matsumoto) passed away. To this day fans all over the world who have been touched by his music honor his spirit every year.

This year I wanted to do something a little different. I invited my boyfriend and a couple friends from my local photography group to come out and do a little hide-inspired photoshoot.

DIY cardboard signs and mis-matched Visual Kei-esque outfits; the shoot was all about embodying the Ever Free, technicolor spirit of hide.

Handmade hide shirt, Dir en grey 2010 tour jacket (jacked from me), and replica hide glasses. Have I mentioned I love this guy?

Yeah… still don’t know how I feel about that one. I was a little too proud of my outfit though, even if I did botch up the shirt a bit. For future reference, polyester doesn’t hold tears very well. At least not the way I wanted.

Full image spread and more to come at my Flickr page.

You are forever in our hearts hide-sama.

2 thoughts on “Pink Spider Memorial Photoshoot

  1. You and your bf both look AWESOME!!! I’m crap at photography myself, but these shots look really good – broody and moody, yanno? (Love the bright eyeshadow too, which picks up the only other colour in the outfit – the pink of the shirt. Oh, and love that blue wall, but I’m a nutter for blue too).

    • Isn’t that wall fabulous? We stumbled across it while wandering downtown looking for interesting places to take more photos. I just couldn’t pass up the chance to contrast the pink against it. The glass wall was right next to it too, its like the building was made for me, haha.

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