Moving Forward

Long time no see, me hearties!
Oh geeze it really has been forever hasn’t it?

My bad! I got so involved in pushing myself out there that I neglected one of my most valuable resources in doing so!

I’ve been rather busy lately, looking for a job and working on my portfolio. I finally made the jump and got my own little slice of the internet. Yes my lovelies Teknicolor Dahlia Photography is done and up. This blog will be moving to my domain once I finish host hunting (my current host is having some issues with installing wordpress, but paid accounts can get instant access to a pre-made install script? Sketchy…).

I’ve also got myself settled in to and Fine Art America, adding more links to my massive network folder. (Side note: I looooooove, its like a cross between 1x and deviantART. The community is awesome and the quality of photography is nothing short of inspiring. I think I’ve found a new home.)

Also on my new list is Google+. I really hope this takes off as I’m growing rather fond of it. Its been the last on my list of places to push on but only because its so new. Facebook is already so well established and its no doubt on everyone’s daily check list, but once G+ gets up there I’m sure it will just as good, if not better, than Facebook.

Now that I’ve completed the pimping of my various hangouts, I leave you with one of my recent favorite images.

I’m itching to go back to this waterfall sometime. I’m not sure what I’d like to shoot there though, which is the only thing keeping me from plotting a random shoot and making the drive all the way out there. Faeries would seem a bit cliche for the location… but its such a great location for faeries!

I’ll just put it on my ever-growing list of ideas for now.

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