Can’t say I’m the best a titling things.

I tried several times to write a coherent introduction post, but I had one nagging problem. I didn’t know what the hell this blog would be about.

Photography? That seems a little too broad doesn’t it? Should I narrow it down? I don’t really have a defined niche in my hobby photography though.
Should I move my MMO blog to here, and use the old one as a personal blog? Well what in the world would I post on the personal blog then? It’s not very personal if it’s on the internet…

It sorta hit me not too long ago. I made a resolution to myself to get out there and work on improving my photography skills in order to make it into a viable career someday. You know, actually make a conscious effort to work towards my dreams and goals. So why not use this blog to reach out and get a bit of the constructive critiques I so desperately need?

Though this blog is more for myself that anything else. A way to get my ass in motion and prove to myself that I can do it.
Even if the things I post are too broad in topic for most readers, I don’t really care. Its my life, my passions, however random they may be. What’s life without a little variety anyway.

Obligatory intro post out of the way, I’ll have some images up soon.