Art of Frankenweenie – Disneyland Annual Passholder Preview Event

I just love Halloween Time at Disneyland. The beautiful autumn decor, the merchandise (I snagged this new candelabra and will be back for the rest), the pumpkin-flavored chocolates at the new Ghirardelli cafe, Haunted Mansion Holiday… not to mention it falls right around my birthday so I’m almost guaranteed a visit!

This year Halloween Time also brought the Art of Frankenweenie exhibit that has been travelling the world, and annual passholders got a chance to see it before the general public.

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Tim Burton, especially his stop-motion works, so getting to see the props up close was a real treat for me. Just look at all of the detail! I wish I could have gotten a good shot showing the miniature scale of these items.

Even though this was a passholder-only even that took place after California Adventure closed there was still a large crowd of people around each display. I’d like to go back sometime during the week when the crowd is thinner so I can get some good long looks at all the details.

Frankenweenie is due out on October 5th and I cannot wait.

Coming up a bit later: late night photos from Mad T Party.

By the way, all of these photos were taken with my new Canon Powershot S90. Well, we got it used, but it’s still an amazing birthday present! I hate to admit it, but I’m pretty sure it’s overall better than my Nikon D40 with its current lenses.


A Disney Kind of Night

I’ve had this sitting on my harddrive since October, oops. I took this while we were at the Annual Passholder Soundsational Parade event. The event was late at night and this section of the park was mostly empty so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity, tripod or not. I settled my camera on the railing surrounding this pond, hoped for the best and this is the best one that came out.

There are definitely things wrong with it that probably would have been avoided if I had my tripod (story of my life), but stupid me didn’t even considering bringing it to this event. I am a terrible photographer~

Funny story: my boyfriend and I loitered around this fountain for a good 15 minutes while I took pictures. We went back a few months later with some friends as and we passed this again at night it started this neat little light show in the water. We all stood there gaping at it and after it had finished my boyfriend and I turned to each other and said “Where was this when we were taking pictures of it for 15 minutes!”

Disneyland Annual Passholder Special Event – Summer Soundsational Parade at Night

One of my favorite perks of finally being a Disneyland Annual Passholder is the ability to attend special events at the parks. Our first taste was the Star Tours preview event back in June, but this time we managed to snag a spot at an event that took place after Disneyland closed to the general public. One more childhood dream complete.

While not everything was open or running we did manage to enjoy ourselves and even took a moment to soak in all the details of the park we normally miss while trying to dodge crowds. I got to step on the exact center of Disneyland, and actually enjoy the moment!

Yet the one thing I was most excited about was getting a front row seat to the Mickey’s Soundsational Parade as it rolled down Main Street at night. Outrageously colorful floats, intricately detailed costumes, all to the remixed beats of beloved Disney themes? I do believe this parade was made for me.

Mickey's Soundsational Parade at Disneyland

As the drum line got louder and closer I couldn’t help but start getting a little giddy. I’ve always loved Disneyland parades, and as I get older I only grow more and more appreciative at the level of detail in everything. From the massive floats to the costumes and characters.

Mickey's Soundsational Parade at Disneyland

Mickey was actually up there playing those drums. How’s that for detail? And just look at the colors. I think the parade looks much better at night.

Mickey's Soundsational Parade at Disneyland

Mickey's Soundsational Parade at Disneyland

Mickey's Soundsational Parade at Disneyland

A giant maraca-wielding purple octopus accompanied Ariel on the Little Mermaid float. Seems like something out of a fever-induced nightmare, but he does make you want to dance a little.

Did I mention I love the detailed costuming? Notice the trim of the dresses, and the French ringlet hairstyles. The very image of a Disney Princess.

Of course I was impressed with Belle’s dress, she is my favorite Princess from my favorite Disney movie. I think the light pink roses are a nice touch to her iconic golden ball gown.

The Lion King float was a giant drum adorned by an animatronic Simba, who let out a loud roar as he passed by, and a stylized Zazu on the front. The monkeys move too fast for my poor little camera, guess I just need a faster lens for next time!

Mickey's Soundsational Parade at Disneyland

I still have not seen Princess and the Frog! Disney makes a movie centered around New Orleans and I completely miss it? What a crime against humanity, I really need to get my hands on a copy. Even without seeing it I’m already in love with Tiana.

What musical parade would be complete without a Mary Poppins tribute?  I loved the almost steampunk vibe this float had, even with the pastel colors and cute characters. I think this was the most detailed display in the parade. A fitting end to a magical event.

After the parade the floats took Main Street back to their holding area instead of going around the outside of the park as usual, which gave everyone a second chance to see everything up close and even interact personally with the costumed Princesses. Some of the floats were left on Main Street for the guests to really appreciate all the fine details and get pictures with the performers. A special moment as a thank you to Annual Passholders.

A Q&A session with some of the key players in the parade’s development was held at the Tomorrowland Terrace as well, but we opted to enjoy the short lines a little bit more. What can I say, we never pass up a chance to compete on Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters.

Overall I had such an amazing time at the event and I cannot wait for the next Passholder special. I hope its another one after park hours. Maybe the special return of the Main Street Electrical Parade?

Well, I can dream anyway.