Wonderland Night at the Disneyland Resort – Mad T Party

Why yes, I am still a little bitter about ElecTRONica being replaced. Yes I am biased toward all things Tron. However, I also love Alice in Wonderland, and once we stepped into California Adventure’s latest night-time party I was slightly less bitter.

We actually didn’t spend much time here since we had spent most the evening in line for Radiator Springs Racers (someone wanted to ride it at night, along with the rest of the park), we just stopped by to relax in the amazingly awesome chairs and listen to the music.

I honestly wasn’t impressed with the band that played, and we only caught a glimpse of the dance crew performing. The music the DJ played, however, was pretty much spot on. Maybe if the band had played some good dance- or rock-style covers of Disney themes instead of just “popular” songs I don’t really like in the first place… Of course I’m not the typical park visitor when it comes to music and fashion, and from what I understand this was designed to be more for younglings as well as adults.

Speaking of fashion, can we just love on these costumes for a bit?

I would buy the girl’s outfit in a heartbeat.

Don’t even get me started on how epic the DJs’ glowing bunny ears are…

Anyway, from what little time we spent at the event I rather enjoyed it. The DJ’s music was good, nice and loud like ElecTRONica was when it first opened, and the decor was fun (I love all colors bright, glowing and obnoxious). I’m also glad they kept the arcade around and the addition of the Kinects was nice.

I look forward to spending a little more time here next time we visit the resort~

By the way, as with the Frankenweenie pictures all of these were taken with my new Canon Powershot S90. I was so pleased with how it performed in this situation. Terrible noise at high ISO was always something that held my Nikon D40 back, it would get so bad I had to just suck it up and steady it as best I could to use a slow shutter speed since the noise would just ruin the picture anyway. The S90, however, did so well I could probably even bump up the ISO another level or two and use an even faster shutter speed. Loving it.


Welcome to the Grid – Nerding it up at Disney’s ElecTRONica

So, I apologize for the long absence. More so to myself as I had intended to keep this updated regularly to keep me on track. Alas, life gets in the way and since I can’t make money sitting on the computer I must endure the holiday hours at my retail job.

All that aside I’m pretty sure you can guess what this post is about.


My boyfriend and I had a great time at Disneyland but the highlight of the day was walking into California Adventure and seeing that crowd gathered around the small pre-show stage. Before I knew it the Portal was open.

It was time to step into the Grid.

Right about now my inner nerd is going “FFFFFEJKKBSRBJSR”. Then we rounded the corner and walked under the Recognizer, and my outer nerd went “FFFFESKLNRJSNSOMG”.

The entire atmosphere was just… simply amazing. The decorations, the lights, the music. Oh dear god the music! DJ Michael Paul was spinning everything from happycore  and hardstyle to Daft Punk (a fitting touch since they did an AMAZING job on the soundtrack). Later in the evening he even mixed ATC’s “Around the World” and Darude’s “Sandstorm“. I would pay good money for those mixes if Disney would sell them! I’d pay a decent amount for the whole set, it was that damn good.

Though the very first thing we did was hop in line for the exclusive 3D preview of the movie, which took place in the theatre that normally hosts the Muppets 3D Show.

After that epic dose of awesome my nerdism was in full throttle as we wandered around the rest of the party. One of my favorite parts of ElecTRONica was the End of Line Club. How can you not love that couch!

I think it goes without saying that I will have that couch in my house someday.

This is pretty much every nerd’s dream, to hang out at Flynn’s Arcade. Though on a Saturday night it was a little too packed for my tastes. I didn’t want to wait around forever just to play Galaga for 5 minutes. We did get a chance to race some Lightcycles on a Wii just outside though. I totally whooped my boyfriend’s ass at Lightcycles =D

Now that’s modern art.

If you’d like to see even more pictures, visit my Flickr.

Though I think one of the biggest highlights of the night was the show put on by Laserman. Seriously this guys is wicked. A video can do no justice to how amazing this show looks in person. I’d go back just to see it again.

Hell who am I kidding, ElecTRONica alone is worth the price of the tickets. I want to go back so bad! Plus Poreotics is back performing until the 30th, and the event is every night now instead of just on the weekends.

I’m seriously considering using my next check to go back! (>∇<)This was one of the best Disney events I’ve ever been to. Music, light shows, Tron, dancing… all within Disneyland? Yeah that’s pretty much all I wanted for X-mas.