Iron Man Hall of Armor Exhibit at Disneyland

Sad news, my Disneyland Annual Pass has run out for the year… imagine my distress when we planned our final trip (until after the summer anyway) and I later found out that the Hall of Armor from Iron Man 3 was going to be on display at Innoventions in Tomorrowland two days after our trip.

Well, that wasn’t going to do at all. However the only way we would be able to catch the exhibit, which started on a Saturday, was if we could enter the parks on the day our passes expire that following Monday. Turns out you can, and when I got the news at work that we were going to see Tony Stark’s Iron Man armors, at Disneyland of all places… well, I scared the jeebus out of my co-workers when I came bouncing out of the back room.

I don’t think you realize how giddy I was when I turned the corner inside Innoventions and saw this display.
I’ve also NEVER seen Innoventions this busy since, well, ever.

This has got to be the coolest thing I have ever seen/done at Disneyland. Just being able to see the armors so up-close, to look at all the details you would never be able to see on-screen… my geeky little Marvel-loving heart was just in Heaven.

If only I had been able to wait out the crowds to get some clear shots of each individual armor and the display as a whole. That would have just made the day perfect.


Art of Frankenweenie – Disneyland Annual Passholder Preview Event

I just love Halloween Time at Disneyland. The beautiful autumn decor, the merchandise (I snagged this new candelabra and will be back for the rest), the pumpkin-flavored chocolates at the new Ghirardelli cafe, Haunted Mansion Holiday… not to mention it falls right around my birthday so I’m almost guaranteed a visit!

This year Halloween Time also brought the Art of Frankenweenie exhibit that has been travelling the world, and annual passholders got a chance to see it before the general public.

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Tim Burton, especially his stop-motion works, so getting to see the props up close was a real treat for me. Just look at all of the detail! I wish I could have gotten a good shot showing the miniature scale of these items.

Even though this was a passholder-only even that took place after California Adventure closed there was still a large crowd of people around each display. I’d like to go back sometime during the week when the crowd is thinner so I can get some good long looks at all the details.

Frankenweenie is due out on October 5th and I cannot wait.

Coming up a bit later: late night photos from Mad T Party.

By the way, all of these photos were taken with my new Canon Powershot S90. Well, we got it used, but it’s still an amazing birthday present! I hate to admit it, but I’m pretty sure it’s overall better than my Nikon D40 with its current lenses.