Photo Post – World of Color

Some creative cropping and what were fairly mediocre shots during World of Color are now slightly more interesting.

I took my tripod wanting to get some longer exposures, but we got a spot that didn’t really offer a good frame (that lighting stand is the bane of my existence). Plus the people in front of me were idiots (sorry its the truth, even in Disneyland you run into people who just don’t give a damn). So instead of risking my camera getting introduced to the cement I opted to just hold it.

I need more practice reducing handheld shake as much as possible anyway.


The Sorcerer’s Workshop, Tea Party with a View, and Paradise Pier at Night

Disney California Adventure

We had a lot of fun in the Sorcerer’s Workshop, part of the animation attraction in California Adventure. I particularly like the decor and the designs of the flip-style animation viewers. They made for some fun photos, though I wish I was better with low-light settings.

Disney California Adventure

The Tea Cups have always been one of my favorite rides in Disneyland. When I was little my mom and I would try to be the fastest spinning cup in the group, but my dad never much cared for the spinning. So, being the big guy he is, he’d always brace his knees against the wheel so we couldn’t spin it (≧▽≦) Ah memories…

Anyway, one of the things I’ve always liked were the lanterns above the cups. At night they shine multiple colors down on the ride a create a gorgeous effect on the spinning cups. During the day I’ve never really payed them much attention, but this time I happened to look up and notice a view I’d never really appreciated before.


Next time we go back, I’d like to try a shot like this at night.

Of course, the view from the cups is always entertaining too.


Kudos to my camera, which I quickly discovered is awesome at auto-focusing while spinning.

At the end of our first night we finally got the chance to catch World of Color, the nightly water show that takes place in front of Paradise Pier in California Adventure. It. Was. Amazing~ I watched the event premier online, where they streamed the entire debut show and was blown away by it. But there’s just no comparison. Oh and don’t even get me started on the special Tron: Legacy ending, with the lights projected on the rollercoaster. Talk about an epic end to the night.

We managed to get right up front for the show (which was a lot of fun, it was like being immersed in the entire thing) so I tried to get a little creative with the view. I was inspired by a Disney Blog post by photographer Paul Hiffmeyer, but knew full well I wasn’t going to produce anything that good, haha. Especially without a tripod handy, I had to get creative by using a cement lighting stand in front of the metal fencing. My arms tangled in the bars, trying not to look like I was doing something suspicious, I propped my camera up a zig-zagged strip of metal and hoped for the best.

Disney California Adventure

Hm, not bad for a first try I suppose ( ・ω・) Though not nearly at the level I’d like it be, it gives me enough hope to go back and try again.

Disney California Adventure